GSoC 2013 – Late to the (reporting) party

September 19, 2013

I’ve been accepted into this year’s Google Summer of Code to work on adding support for running WebKit2GTK+ under the Wayland display protocol. While the work started back in late May and with the hard pencils-down date looming just around the corner, this is actually the very first blog post on the project.


Turns out, I suck at reporting. Don’t worry, I’ve been working on the project throughout the summer and achieved solid results, but I failed completely on providing timely updates on the status and progress of my work. I apologize for that.


WebKit2GTK+, the GTK port of the WebKit2 web engine infrastructure, needed a fair amount of attention so it could properly run under Wayland displays. With the whole GNOME ecosystem moving towards the new cool display protocol, it quickly made sense what to propose as the GSoC project earlier this year. The project got accepted, and Martin Robinson kindly volunteered to be my mentor, and I’m very thankful for all his hints, pointers and reviews.


On Monday the GSoC work period finishes and the final evaluations follow. This being written on Thursday evening, I’m left with three more days I can spend on documenting the project’s results and shortcomings, filling up the project’s Wiki page. Therefor, for the next three days, I’ll write three more posts, presenting three main goals of the project that I’ve managed to achieve (more or less successfully). On Monday, I’ll post the final conclusions and also some information on what bits are still needed to have a complete, smooth experience of WebKit2GTK+ under Wayland displays.


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