Final remarks on GSoC 2013

September 23, 2013

This is the last post in the last-minute and short-spanned reporting on my GSoC 2013 project. I’ll only write some final thoughts and a bit about what’s still missing when it comes to support for the Wayland display protocol in WebKit2GTK+.


Over the previous posts I’ve described three main objectives I’ve managed to complete. I added a Wayland build target that can be enabled both on its own or in parallel with the X11 target, implemented support for running the large layout test suite under the Weston compositor, and added support for running WebGL content under Wayland displays.


The work was fun, challenging and I also learned a lot. I’m glad I took up this specific task, as I’m pretty much devoted at this moment to the WebKit project and, specifically, the GTK port. A great group of people is producing fascinating work, and that’s valuable to me as it’s something I can look at, examine and learn from it.


Thanks again to Martin Robinson for the mentoring, giving great advice and doing helpful code reviews. He’s immensely smart and gladly shares his knowledge and experience, which I greatly appreciate. Thanks also to everyone else involved in the WebKit2GTK+ project that chipped in with advice.


While the work I’ve done did improve the WebKit2GTK+ experience under Wayland and I did manage to achieve all the goals I’ve set for the GSoC period, there are still some features that need further attention, mainly the accelerated compositing. I’ve put forth some details about this in the Wayland target report blog, outlining the problem and the most likely solution. The plugin support also needs work, and there are most likely other bugs that need polishing before the experience is optimal.


I better get started.


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