The final report

August 19, 2012

So, the hard-pencils-down date is now just around the corner, and there were only a few small things left to be done.

Nothing radical happened since the last report just a few days ago. A couple of you left some comments that I haven’t yet had time to get to, but I sure will, hopefully soon.

The code for the GNOME Settings Daemon plugin and GNOME Control Center panel was refined a bit and documented where I felt it was required, and pushed into the GitHub forks (GSDGCC) I’ve been using during this period. To mark the end point of the GSoC coding period I’ve created the GSOC_PENCILS_DOWN tags in both repositories (GSDGCC) – there might still be some commits due to the merging of both components into their corresponding repositories at Two bugs were created to cover that effort, one for the GSD plugin and another for the GCC panel.

The design proposal was also updated to reflect the latest intention of the panel functionality. The design itself will most likely be quite important when merging the panel into the main trunk and enabling it.

Keeping it short this time, and covering pretty much everything I had in mind. You’re welcome to check out the project page to see more about how I spent this summer. But do note that the timeline there was at the end not really followed as closely as one would like.


2 Responses to “The final report”

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  2. laurence Says:

    What happened here? Did this never get merged?

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