Biweekly report #2

June 19, 2012

Weeks #3 and #4 have flown past, and again more could have been done. Student finals are currently getting in the way of productivity. Studying is no fun when you could be spending the time on a really cool project, and unfortunately I have a few more exams in the next two weeks, meaning I won’t be able to commit much more time to getting things done compared to these last two weeks.

Shifting priorities

It’s because of that I’ve decided to shuffle the expected timeline a bit, focusing for the next two weeks on getting the Gamepad API support finally landed in WebKit and implement the GNOME Settings Daemon plugin for storing the configured gamepad data. The GNOME System Settings panel will have to wait a bit, but hopefully I’ll still make some progress on its design in the next two weeks.

Review of the last two weeks

Patch for adding Gamepad API support was updated and now requires only some minor details to be polished before it can be landed.

Basic infrastructure implementations for the GNOME Settings Daemon plugin and GNOME System Settings panel have been created. Currently, the implementations are based on the ‘gnome-3-4’ branches – this makes it simple for pretty much anyone with the latest stable GNOME system to try them out. It also aids me as I don’t have to deal with the mess that can result when using JHBuild. This is of course just temporary, the implementations will move onto a 3.6 codebase once there are some decent GNOME 3.5 releases (I’m currently bound to Ubuntu and therefor would wait for some later 12.10 Alpha releases). Again, this is simply just to avoid the JHBuild – both Settings Daemon and System Settings (the Control Center) are large enough projects to require some extraordinary dependencies, making a successful compilation a matter of luck.

Both repositories are available on GitHub – GNOME Settings Daemon and GNOME System Settings.


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  1. […] and ears open to inform you of everything that worths your attention. Today we had an interesting blog post from Zan Dobersek who was happy to announce that the Gamepad API support patch for GNOME is coming […]

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